What It’s All About

There’s a story about a young Italian priest who was travelling by train and found himself sharing a compartment with a group of high school students. Since it was 1952 and there were no smart phones to distract them, the priest and the young people engaged in conversation.  What the priest discovered through the conversationContinue reading “What It’s All About”

Behind the Veil

This weekend we enter Passiontide, the final phase of the Lenten season, during which we traditionally veil statues and holy images in our churches until the Easter Vigil.  I recently came across a poem by John Hart entitled, “Veiled Images at Passiontide,” which contemplates this ancient custom.  A purple kite  against the wall  with theContinue reading “Behind the Veil”

Fish on Fridays

By now, it is a well-known story. In the early 1960s, a man named Lou Groen noticed a dramatic decline in business on Fridays at his McDonald’s restaurant in Cincinnati. He realized that this was due to the city’s large Catholic population – and Catholics did not eat meat on Fridays.  So, Groen approached RayContinue reading “Fish on Fridays”

The Memory of St. Polycarp

Years ago, prior to entering seminary, I worked in an office where, during their lunch break, a group of my co-workers would gather in the break room and watch their favorite soap opera. The show was sufficiently ridiculous to be entertaining, so occasionally I’d join them.  My favorite storyline was about a character who awokeContinue reading “The Memory of St. Polycarp”

Comprehending Brianna’s Choice

In this month’s edition of the Fairfield County Catholic (Jan 2022), there is a beautiful article about a young woman named Brianna Farens who grew up in Shelton, and is a graduate of St. Joseph High School (2010) and Providence College (2014).  She had always thought about pursuing a career in medicine, like her father,Continue reading “Comprehending Brianna’s Choice”