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Words of Remembrance

Words of remembrance are not the same as a eulogy.  A eulogy is a speech given in praise of another person, typically someone who has died.  Words of remembrance, however, provide an opportunity for a family member to speak in loving remembrance of a deceased person’s faith in God and how they attempted to live the Christian vocation to love God and neighbor as Christ taught us.

On November 1, 2019 the Diocese of Bridgeport issued a set of norms regarding words of remembrance.  Words of remembrance may be offered at certain times.  It is most fitting and preferred that such words be offered either at the funeral home at end of the Vigil Service/Wake or in the cemetery at the time of Burial.

Although it is always more appropriate to have such words during the Vigil Service/Wake or at the Burial, the Diocesan norms do permit words of remembrance at the end of a funeral Mass.  Where words of remembrance are offered at this time, the following norms must be observed without exception:

  1. The words of remembrance must be written out.
  2. The words cannot exceed three minutes
  3. The text must be submitted to the the priest celebrant or the funeral director at least one day in advance of the Funeral Mass.  If the text is not submitted a day in advance, the words of remembrance may be offered at the Burial, but not at the end of the Funeral Mass.
  4. It is  never permitted to have more than one person offer words of remembrance.  The family must have one person speak on their behalf.
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