Ite, Missa Est 

There’s a famous story about St. Philip Neri (1515-1595) in which he noticed that there was a man in his congregation who had the habit of leaving Mass immediately after receiving Communion.  St. Philip eventually decided that he needed to address it, so he instructed two of his altar servers to follow the man outContinue reading “Ite, Missa Est “

An Odd Sort of Mercy 

Graham Greene was one of the most acclaimed writers of the 20th century, whose best novels feature morally complex characters who experience grace through their very real struggles with fallen human desire. I recently read his 1951 novel, The End of the Affair, which takes place in London in the mid-1940s. A writer named MauriceContinue reading An Odd Sort of Mercy “

“They Glorified God in Me” 

The title of this article is the phrase with which St. John Henry Newman introduces his short poem titled: “Transfiguration.”  The poem is as follows: I saw thee once and nought discern’d/ for stranger to admire;/ A serious aspect, but it burn’d/ With no unearthly fire./ Again I saw, and I confess’d/ Thy speech wasContinue reading “They Glorified God in Me” “