Resisting Colonization 

I had never heard of Bo Burnham until I came across a clip of a recent conference at which he spoke about the impact of social media on culture. Burnham is a 32-year-old comedian and musician who received critical acclaim for a comedy special he produced during the COVID-19 lockdowns called Inside. Originally from Massachusetts,Continue reading Resisting Colonization “

God’s Plan for St. Martin 

In the first thousand years of Christianity, St. Martin of Tours was one of the most widely-venerated and beloved saints in the Church.  Born to pagan parents just a few years after the legalization of Christianity in 313, Martin embraced the Christian faith at an early age. As the son of a retired Roman militaryContinue reading God’s Plan for St. Martin “

An Odd Sort of Mercy 

Graham Greene was one of the most acclaimed writers of the 20th century, whose best novels feature morally complex characters who experience grace through their very real struggles with fallen human desire. I recently read his 1951 novel, The End of the Affair, which takes place in London in the mid-1940s. A writer named MauriceContinue reading An Odd Sort of Mercy “

The Beautiful Life of St. Francis 

In the Italian city of Assisi there is a small church named San Damiano located halfway down the hill upon which the city is built.  There, in the year 1205, the young Francis knelt in prayer before a large crucifix. Suddenly, he heard the voice of Christ speaking to him from the crucifix, calling toContinue reading The Beautiful Life of St. Francis “