Clearing up Confusion after Dobbs 

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision Dobbs v Jackson, there has been a good deal of confusion over the significance of its overturning of Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey.  Surveys show that a very large number of Americans, up to 68% in some polls, believe that Dobbs criminalizes abortion,Continue reading Clearing up Confusion after Dobbs “

Sacred Heart, Sacred Body 

The month of June is dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  One may be forgiven for not knowing that, since the Sacred Heart of Jesus is not something that attracts corporate sponsorship or media attention. Sadly, there are no parades organized to celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Which is surprising, in aContinue reading Sacred Heart, Sacred Body “

Confirmed in the Spirit

This Thursday evening (May 26), 68 young men and women from our parish will receive the sacrament of Confirmation at the hands of Bishop Frank Caggiano.  With the reception of this sacrament, they will be fully initiated members of the Catholic Church, and will have received an increase and a deepening of what they firstContinue reading “Confirmed in the Spirit”