Religious Education


We aim to foster a strong relationship between your child and their faith life through prayer and love for the church.


Our volunteer teachers are dedicated to teaching your children and guiding them toward the sacraments.


Our religious education program will support your children and will not turn anyone away due to financial difficulties.

Parish of St Cecilia – St Gabriel

1184 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, Connecticut  06905

Dear Families,

We are working with the diocese to create a plan where the children and their families can learn about their faith in a safe way and be adequately prepared to receive sacraments. Starting with regular weekly classes this fall seems unlikely; we are making every effort to put together a program in which everyone will feel safe and comfortable.

To do this we need the number of students who will be participating.

  1. Complete and return the registration form as soon as possible.
  2. Children are not accepted into sacramental prep (grade 2 and grade 9) unless they have completed the preceding grade curriculum satisfactorily.
  3. All children who will prepare for First Eucharist must register, including those who attend catholic school.
  4. All Confirmation students, grade 9+ must register and participate including those attending catholic school. Confirmation prep will begin in November.
  5. Although we will not begin with regular weekly classes, we will still need teachers. They will help coordinate the assignments for the various groups especially our sacramental classes.
  6. Instruction will begin in October for primary grade levels.

More detailed information will be sent out when our plan is finalized.

September rescheduled First Holy Communion families: Detailed instructions for our First Communion Masses on September 19 and 26 and rehearsals will be sent out when finalized.

October rescheduled Confirmation: Detailed instruction for Confirmation on October 8 and rehearsals will be sent out when finalized.

Thank you for your help. Keep safe and well. God bless you and your families.


Maryanne Didelot

Director Religious Education

Let’s build faith together.

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