Archangel Gabriel

This Tuesday is the feast day of the Archangels, among whom is our co-patron St. Gabriel.  Gabriel, whose name means “strength of God,” was the great and powerful spirit charged with bearing the message of God’s favor to the lowly Virgin Mary in the town of Nazareth, 2000 years ago.  After greeting her, Gabriel tells Mary of God’s desire to become man, and His will that she be the one through whom He would become part of the world He created.  It was the strangest, yet, most wondrous message ever delivered.  Mary asks how something like this could be possible, and Gabriel explains that it would be through the Holy Spirit that the Eternal Word – God the Son – will become flesh in her virginal womb.  She would be the one to give the Lord the flesh and blood that would allow Him to suffer for our sake.  She would give Him the flesh and blood that would be given to us in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Our Lady marvels at the angel and his message, and Gabriel meets her look of wonder with wonder of his own, at the mysterious plan of the Lord God that would unfold through the assent of this young woman. 

Our Lady’s heart must still fill with special joy when she hears the voice of our great co-patron, St. Gabriel, from her place in heaven.  For he was the first to speak to her of her Son, and pronounce His name for her to hear.  As those placed under this Archangel’s protection and care, may our prayers sound as sweet in the ears of the Queen of Angels as the message of Gabriel sounded to her that morning when she became the Mother of God. 

Resumption of Mass at St. Gabriel’s Church 

It is fitting that this week in which we celebrate the Feast of the Archangel Gabriel that we also celebrate the resumption of Mass at the Church of St. Gabriel.  Beginning on Sunday, Oct 4, we will have a 10am Sunday Mass at St. Gabriel’s each weekend Just as before the shutdown 6 months ago we celebrated parallel 9am Masses at the Churches of St. Cecilia and St. Gabriel, we will celebrate parallel Masses at 10am starting next weekend.  Like the Sunday morning Mass prior to the shutdown, the 10am Mass at St. Gabriel will be a quiet Mass without music. 

As Mass attendance in our parish continues to increase, adding a Mass to our schedule will help us accommodate more parishioners who want to attend Mass in person.  This is a wonderful sign that our parish is a community where the Faith is alive.  Please continue to pray for the people of our parish, that this difficult time of pandemic might lead to a new springtime of faith in our parish family and beyond. 

The Annunciation

posted 9/26/20

One thought on “Archangel Gabriel

  1. How wonderful that we celebrate the Feast of the Archangel Gabriel with the return of a Sunday morning mass at the St. Gabriel site!


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