The Healing Power of Christ

When You heal, everything comes back to life, even in the past, and You give fruits to the one who has not known how to flower. 

– Maurice Blondel

I recently came across the above quote from the French philosopher, Maurice Blondel.  It appears to be a statement addressed to God.  It expresses the sovereignty of the Lord God over all things – space, time, life.  God is not limited by time, for time is His creature, and He transcends it. As the Source of all life, the Lord can touch the wounds that we carry in the present and heal them all the way back to the moments in which we received them.  The sins we’ve committed, He can forgive.  The effects of our sins, as well as sins committed against us, He can heal.  He alone can bring forth life where there was no life, where there was only the stinking rot of death, where there was nothing at all.  He doesn’t do it just for us as individuals.  Our Lord binds up and heals the wounds that exists in families and even nations.  It is something at which to marvel, the recapitulation and healing of the whole of salvation history through Our Lord’s 33 years on earth – doing what Adam failed to do, putting right what Abraham, Moses, David, and all of us have gotten wrong. 

Bursting with life, Jesus shares His life with the barren-hearted – those who do not know how to love, how to flower.  Without Him to fill us with His life, we are left alone and closed in on ourselves.  He comes to us from Heaven and opens His heart to us that we might open our hearts to Him and let Him bring us to the very Heart of God, the eternal embrace of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 

posted 9/22/20

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