Parking Lot Mass Instructions

Step One: Check-in

“Good morning, do you have a reservation?”
“Why yes, I do have a reservation!”

Step Two: Make an Offering, Get a Bulletin

“Thank you!”

Step Three: Get the FM Frequency

Set your dial to the right frequency
Important – 93.1 is NOT the right frequency

Step Four: Park your car

A Volunteer will direct you to the correct spot

Receiving Communion

The priest will distribute the Eucharist section-by-section. When he comes to your section, please exit your cars and maintain proper distancing from those in front of you and behind you in line. Please wear your masks while in line, removing them only after responding “Amen” at a proper distance from the priest.

“Body of Christ”
It is suggested that you receive on the hand during the pandemic.
You may also receive on the tongue if that is your preference.

Since this is an unprecedented experience for all of us, the key is patience and charity…. and good weather. See you at Mass!

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